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Your ticket to showing customers how to raise outdoor living to an art form. The Trex® CustomCurve® is an innovative, easy-to-use heating unit that lets you curve decking, railing and trim on or off site. Now you can build decks that literally wrap around the most perfect afternoons.



Check out our features

  • Adjustable Forklift mounts for ease of handling.
  • Trays are extruded from aluminum in one piece for long-term durability. The top of tray is designed with six Silicone Ropes strands to prevent materials from sticking.
  • Electronic ignition with auto safety.  In case of ignition failure the gas flow will be immediately shut off.     
Custom Curve Unit Custom Curve Unit Custom Curve Unit

»» Ready to bend Trex products in an hour or less
»» Bend all Trex decking, rails and trim and get your money’s worth over and over
»» Consistent heating from end to end minimizing costs of unusable materials
»» Plan for a more predictable profit
»» Keep creativity high and distinguish your work from your competitors


»» Lightweight–can be transported easily between jobsites and features adjustable
      legs to simplify leveling
»» Accomodates 8’ boards for ease of handling
»» Forming table included to control your perfect, custom radius
»» Operates on LP gas and 110V, 15 Amp service
»» Easily achieves a 10’ radius

6 easy steps:

  1. Turn the heater to the “ON” position and set it to the
    prescribed temperature
  2. Transfer the exact radius from the deck surface to the forming table
    using a template
  3. Secure the inside fence to the forming table adjustable brackets
  4. Once the CustomCurve has reached the recommended
    temperature, load the Trex product onto the tray, close the heater
    door and heat the product for the appropriate amount of time
  5. Place the heated Trex product against the inside fence, secure it with
    the outside fence and the forming table adjustable brackets; let cool
  6. Trim the product to the desired length and install

$8,499 - Includes one unit, one forming table, 18 clamps and shipping crate. Freight will be an additional charge.

Please call 1.877.55.CURVE to order.



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