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Assembly TrayTrex® CustomCurve® Forming Table

Aluminum extrude jig table with 18 adjustable clamps.  (Assembly required). The adjustable clamps slide back a forth to create a pattern from a 6’ radius on up. This table is an extraordinary tool to your success in bending.  When you have a perfect form to bend against your designed arch will match the deck exactly the way you intended, saving you time, and money. 


ClampsForming Table Clamps

Sold in sets of 2. Extra clamps will provide addition support when locking in the desired arc while material is cooling to its new shape. Very helpful when bending a small radius.


Micro Temp Digital Infrared Thermometer MT-250
5:1 Distance-to-Sight (D:S) Ratio

Micro Temp GuageSpecifications:

• -67°F to 482°F Measure Range
• 5:1 Distance-to-Sight (D:S) Ratio
• Displays Clock and Room Temperature in Power OFF Mode
• Super-compact Size: 2.6" x 1.4" x .7"
• Fits on Key Ring or in Pocket!
• Includes Wrist Strap
• Celsius and Fahrenheit Modes
• Powered by 2 CR2032 Batteries

Note: This thermometer is a key element to your success in bending Trex. When you know the exact temperature of the board you will save time and achieve prefect bends every time. For this small investment, bending Trex will become your most favorite design element customizing your creativity.


Set of four Casters


CastersSet of four casters for new Trex CustomCurve. The casters are designed with a top pin for easy installation. Simply remove the foot pin, (included with Trex CustomCurve) and replace with the caster. Now your new Trex CustomCurve can easily be pushed rather than carried to the backyard or any location to set up for bending. The wheels are 6” in diameter for great mobility over rocks, grass, gravel paths, etc.




TrayAssembly tray-(includes rubber)


Regulator and hose

Adjustable leg

Adjustable Forklift bar

Tray RopesTray cords-(Set of 6)




Propane hose

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